An art collector named GucciPanda created a collection called 'Eternity And Beyond,' consisting of his watercolor works. In this collection, people are allowed to create collaborative pieces using one of his works, which can then be published as a digital collectible.
I took the opportunity to create a piece inspired by his username, 'GucciPanda,' and the title of his collection, 'Eternity And Beyond.' Additionally, I created my first NFT in .SVG format, allowing people to view the piece in its original vector form. This enables them to zoom in on the work without any loss of quality.
I created the piece in Adobe Illustrator, turning GucciPanda's work into a vector and using it as a background to start the illustration from there.
Original artwork by gucci panda
Because I created the illustration in Adobe Illustrator, it allowed me to add very small details for fun, like this tiny panda mark which was made at 64000% zoom.
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