I was asked to be one of the secret artists for The Secret Artist Project, an NFT project where selected artists anonymously contribute their artwork to the collection until their identity is revealed after the artwork is collected.
About The Secret Artist Project
The Secret Artist Project approaches innovative artists from inside & outside the NFT community for a piece of unminted work & adds it anonymously to the collection, putting the focus on the art, not the artist.
There is only one way to unlock the artist’s identity — buying the NFT.
Not only does this give you the art to hang in your home or display in the Metaverse, you also have the opportunity to discover more of the artist’s work.
In addition, by holding the NFT and discovering its secrets, you become part of The Secret Artist Project community.
Those who hold secrets, hold power.
The Secret Artist Project on foundation.app
The artwork was listed for sale at 0.15 ETH on Foundation and was already purchased in less than an hour by a collector who goes by the username @seasickmutant.
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